Michael Dadoun, the CEO of Montreal based, UpClick is an Excellent Mentor

Decision making is an important responsibility of any modern leader. New age organizations are laying emphasis on making decisions a collaborative process. Michael Dadoun, the CEO of Montreal based payment processing company, UpClick is a leader who gives due weightage to the opinions and suggestions of the employees.

The participative style of management practiced by him fosters a healthy work environment in UpClick. Employees put in extra efforts to make all the decisions taken a success. This is not surprising since a decision gone awry will reflect poorly on their input and thinking capabilities.

Any modern organization wanting to leave its imprint in the marketplace must be led by a strong leader. Employees abhor a leadership vacuum since they need the support and guidance of a person who can help them both personally and professionally. An organization has little chance of succeeding the cutthroat competition if it is over managed and under led.

Modern employees do not want instructions at every step; they just want a leader who can act as mentor and friend showing them the path to success.

Michael Dadoun, the CEO of Montreal based UpClick, makes his employees feel special and valued. They are assured that the organization values and acknowledges their contribution.

Leaders are followed not because of their official position, money, or wealth. People love, trust, and respect their opinions and wish to be led by them. Michael Dadoun is a leader whose employees want to follow him because of the love and trust he has earned.

Michael Dadoun, the CEO of Montreal based UpClick, is successful because he expects and communicates his high expectations to the subordinates and works along with them to achieve it.

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