Michael Dadoun: Upclick As A Gift For Entrepreneurs

It takes an entrepreneur to understand another entrepreneur.  That is why, Michael Dadoun’s Upclick platform is a gift to vendors and affiliates.  As people who are trying to build a business on a shoestring budget need the right tools, Michael Dadoun, Upclick CEO, has made it easy for people to sell products online.

Putting experience to great use

His wide experience in diverse industries makes him the perfect person to help in the creation of an online tool that is a one stop destination for vendors to find help in making their dreams of entrepreneurship come true, through easier payment processing.

Michael Dadoun has experience in industries such as finance, communications, and the Internet. As result, he understands what it takes to conduct business online, particularly in a situation where international boundaries are rendered unimportant.

michael dadoun
Why vendors love this tool

The Upclick platform, as users are already aware, offers plenty of ways to channel the sales funnel. And to boost sales, this tool improves customer experience by creating quality experience, such as customizable shopping carts, money transfer through multiple methods such as Paypal and cards. After all and it comes to boosting conviction rate, vendors can use all help that is available to them up.

Michael Dadoun, Upclick CEO has the desire to fulfill the dreams of users. He understands how difficult entrepreneurship might be, and how rewarding, and he wishes to help vendors to conduct business online easily. A safe, secure, easy to use payment processing solution makes life easier for those setting up their business or trying to expand their venture.