Michael Dadoun Upclick – Creating An Online Outreach For Businesses

SEOMichael Dadoun, Upclick CEO, is known for his expertise in understanding small business needs. The Upclick payment processing solution has made it easy for people to transact money online, buying and selling goods. Upclick is one example of a tool that businesses can use to reach customers online and close sales more effectively. Michael Dadoun, Montreal based entrepreneur, offers more advice to businesses looking to effectively present their products and services online.

For regular businesses

If your business is the brick and mortar type you will first have to reach out to people through the internet. Today there are many ways to advertise your presence online – blogs, websites, and social media. You might even want to reach more customers online through platforms such as UpClick, says Michael Dadoun Upclick CEO.

Improve existing website

You might consider improving your existing site to make it more relevant to the times and your target customer group. Websites need to be updated frequently, dated websites are unwieldy and they don’t garner the interest of customers easily. They are also less secure and efficient. You would want to look at issues such as low bandwidth, slow page loading, too many pop up ads, and so on.

Create a landing page

If your customers are finding you via external links, you would want to create an attractive landing page. Creating a landing page that converts visitors is an art. You would want to include things such as product description, price, and even a link to purchase the item. Make sure the page is not too text heavy, offers photos of the product, and entices customers to buy.

These are just a few of the things you can start with, when you want to improve your brand reputation or find more customers. Michael Dadoun, Upclick cofounder, with his interest in digital strategy and landing page optimization, among other things, also advises businesses to embrace new technology to improve their productivity.

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