Michael Dadoun Upclick – Creating An Online Outreach For Businesses

SEOMichael Dadoun, Upclick CEO, is known for his expertise in understanding small business needs. The Upclick payment processing solution has made it easy for people to transact money online, buying and selling goods. Upclick is one example of a tool that businesses can use to reach customers online and close sales more effectively. Michael Dadoun, Montreal based entrepreneur, offers more advice to businesses looking to effectively present their products and services online.

For regular businesses

If your business is the brick and mortar type you will first have to reach out to people through the internet. Today there are many ways to advertise your presence online – blogs, websites, and social media. You might even want to reach more customers online through platforms such as UpClick, says Michael Dadoun Upclick CEO.

Improve existing website

You might consider improving your existing site to make it more relevant to the times and your target customer group. Websites need to be updated frequently, dated websites are unwieldy and they don’t garner the interest of customers easily. They are also less secure and efficient. You would want to look at issues such as low bandwidth, slow page loading, too many pop up ads, and so on.

Create a landing page

If your customers are finding you via external links, you would want to create an attractive landing page. Creating a landing page that converts visitors is an art. You would want to include things such as product description, price, and even a link to purchase the item. Make sure the page is not too text heavy, offers photos of the product, and entices customers to buy.

These are just a few of the things you can start with, when you want to improve your brand reputation or find more customers. Michael Dadoun, Upclick cofounder, with his interest in digital strategy and landing page optimization, among other things, also advises businesses to embrace new technology to improve their productivity.

Michael Dadoun is the Dynamic CEO of UpClick

Michael Dadoun is the CEO of Montreal, Canada based fast growing payment processing firm, UpClick. A visionary person with strong people related skills, Michael is a competent, secure and empowered leader.

Leading a modern organization is an immensely challenging task. All leaders holding leadership position in their organization need not necessarily be competent individuals with inherent qualities to successfully lead a modern organization. In simpler terms it means that all leaders are neither equal nor equally successful.

Michael Dadoun, the CEO of UpClick, is also a leader who is fully aware of his abilities and capabilities. In the following section we shall look at some other important leadership qualities that make a leader successful.

Leaders must have a Vision

Leaders who do not have a vision and a strong sense of purpose will invariably fail. This is understandable as leaders without vision cannot inspire, enthuse or motivate their employees to work towards a common established goal and objective.

They will not be able to enhance the performance of their organization’s workforce nor will be in a position to create anything of substantial value. Exceptional leaders are true visionaries who have deep understanding of their business and the functioning of the marketplace.

They fully comprehend the present needs and requirement of their target customers, but more importantly they know what will be their future needs and preferences. This uncanny ability to take a peek into the future gives them a head start over their competitors.

Poor leaders on the other hand have skewed, tunnel or no vision at all. This makes them unable to align the organization around a single purpose. The organization becomes a rudderless ship tossing and turning meaninglessly in the ocean of life.

Michael Dadoun, the dynamic CEO of Montreal based UpClick, is a visionary leader who not only understands where the market is today but also more importantly knows where it is going to be tomorrow. This puts him in a unique position to take advantage of the future opportunities and avoid any potential pitfalls.