Michael Dadoun: Upclick As A Gift For Entrepreneurs

It takes an entrepreneur to understand another entrepreneur.  That is why, Michael Dadoun’s Upclick platform is a gift to vendors and affiliates.  As people who are trying to build a business on a shoestring budget need the right tools, Michael Dadoun, Upclick CEO, has made it easy for people to sell products online.

Putting experience to great use

His wide experience in diverse industries makes him the perfect person to help in the creation of an online tool that is a one stop destination for vendors to find help in making their dreams of entrepreneurship come true, through easier payment processing.

Michael Dadoun has experience in industries such as finance, communications, and the Internet. As result, he understands what it takes to conduct business online, particularly in a situation where international boundaries are rendered unimportant.

michael dadoun
Why vendors love this tool

The Upclick platform, as users are already aware, offers plenty of ways to channel the sales funnel. And to boost sales, this tool improves customer experience by creating quality experience, such as customizable shopping carts, money transfer through multiple methods such as Paypal and cards. After all and it comes to boosting conviction rate, vendors can use all help that is available to them up.

Michael Dadoun, Upclick CEO has the desire to fulfill the dreams of users. He understands how difficult entrepreneurship might be, and how rewarding, and he wishes to help vendors to conduct business online easily. A safe, secure, easy to use payment processing solution makes life easier for those setting up their business or trying to expand their venture.

Michael Dadoun, the CEO of Montreal based UpClick Believes in Being the Best or Nothing

A modern leader wishing to make his mark in a highly competitive business world must possess certain characteristics like excellent communication skills, vision, knowledge and intelligence among others. Michael Dadoun, the CEO of Montreal, Canada based e- commerce solution provider UpClick is such a person whose dynamism, intelligence, work ethics, discipline and experience has put him in a position where he is looked upon as a role model for his subordinates and peers. He is a leader whose passion and high level of engagement keeps the morale and motivation of his employees at peak.

Some of the important characteristics and traits that have been responsible for Michael’s fast ascend to the top are:

Sound Communication Skills

Good communications skill has always have been integral to a leader’s success. The rise of internet and social media has further enhanced its stature. It is highly unimaginable to think that a person can be a good leader without being a good communicator.

Michael Dadoun, the CEO of UpClick has been blessed with exceptional communication skills. He is a smooth communicator as well as an excellent listener. This allows him to connect emotionally with his target audience. He inspires them by appealing to their emotions as well as their aspirations.
Assertiveness-Self-Confidence-WorkshopCommitment to Excellence

Exceptional leaders do not wish to see their names included in ‘also ran’ list. For them it is best or nothing. They know that people often do not remember who the second best is. For them being second is nothing more than heading the list of a long line of failures. Great leaders as such are committed to excellence. They want nothing but the best for their organizations, its employees and customers.

Michael Dadoun, the CEO of Montreal based UpClick is a leader whose commitment to excellence and professionalism has been lauded by one and all. An honest and dependable leader, Michael continuously strives for success and is not averse to taking certain calculated risks in achievement of his goals. He is also a leader who understands perfectly well that modern leaders cannot be effective without effective communication skills. He is an active listener and a good thinker, which enables him to communicate his ideas and vision precisely and with more accuracy.

Michael Dadoun, the CEO of UpClick, is a Perenniel Learner

Modern organizations function in an increasingly chaotic business environment. Leading such organizations with their own unique shares of challenges, threats, and problems is not everyone’s cup of tea. You have to be a natural born leader of people like Michael Dadoun, the CEO of UpClick, to successfully lead a modern organization.

In an ever changing business environment and undulating market dynamics, a leader simply cannot hope to succeed without being continuous on the path of learning and discovery. If you are not learning, growing, and ever trying to expand your horizons, chances are that you will be watching your competitors march ahead of you from the sidelines.

Michael Dadoun the CEO of payment processing company UpClick, truly believes that an organization headed by a leader disinterested in learning and innovation is going to produce stagnant and complacent employees, who will prove to be total misfits in the current challenging business environment.


Great leaders have a vision and a strong sense of purpose. More importantly, they have the communication skills and ability to effectively and efficiently convey this vision to their followers. This gains them the love, trust, and respect of their employees, which are essential for turning this vision into reality.

Michael Dadoun knows how important a part his employees will play in the realization of his dreams to take his organization to the peak. He treats his employees as important resources that need careful tending and nurturing.

Good leaders need to be acutely conscious of the changes taking place in the marketplace and the ever developing needs and requirements of the consumers. Michael Dadoun, the CEO of UpClick, keeps a close watch on the ever shifting market patterns. This enables him to always deliver beyond expectations.

Michael Dadoun, the CEO of Montreal based, UpClick is an Excellent Mentor

Decision making is an important responsibility of any modern leader. New age organizations are laying emphasis on making decisions a collaborative process. Michael Dadoun, the CEO of Montreal based payment processing company, UpClick is a leader who gives due weightage to the opinions and suggestions of the employees.

The participative style of management practiced by him fosters a healthy work environment in UpClick. Employees put in extra efforts to make all the decisions taken a success. This is not surprising since a decision gone awry will reflect poorly on their input and thinking capabilities.

Any modern organization wanting to leave its imprint in the marketplace must be led by a strong leader. Employees abhor a leadership vacuum since they need the support and guidance of a person who can help them both personally and professionally. An organization has little chance of succeeding the cutthroat competition if it is over managed and under led.

Modern employees do not want instructions at every step; they just want a leader who can act as mentor and friend showing them the path to success.

Michael Dadoun, the CEO of Montreal based UpClick, makes his employees feel special and valued. They are assured that the organization values and acknowledges their contribution.

Leaders are followed not because of their official position, money, or wealth. People love, trust, and respect their opinions and wish to be led by them. Michael Dadoun is a leader whose employees want to follow him because of the love and trust he has earned.

Michael Dadoun, the CEO of Montreal based UpClick, is successful because he expects and communicates his high expectations to the subordinates and works along with them to achieve it.