Michael Dadoun Montreal, CEO at UpClick, Simplifies E-Payment Processing Methods

UpClick is consistently achieving customer satisfaction through its innovative and user-friendly payment processing solutions. Visionary leadership of Michael Dadoun, Montreal-based company’s CEO, has greatly contributed to the progress of this e-commerce company.

Facing multiple challenges of e-commerce industry

Dadoun has been able to successfully steer his organization to achieve leadership position. Employees at UpClick share a common objective of building user-friendly payment processing products.

Leading an e-commerce organization is a challenging task due to volatility and competition. One must develop innovative products to stay ahead of the competition.

Michael Dadoun, CEO at UpClick, has realized this and is constantly engaged in motivating his employees to build bespoke payment processing products for clients. Online merchants find these products extremely useful and easy to operate.

He believes that progress of an organization and its employees goes hand in hand. His new-age leadership skills are responsible for creating fertile ground for his subordinates to pursue greater heights of career development.

Unique payment processing solutions

Employees at UpClick leverage on the impeccable leadership of Dadoun, who is always accessible. He is blessed with uncanny ability to understand customer needs. This is the reason why payment processing solutions offered by UpClick are highly appreciated by online merchants.

E-commerce is one of the fastest growing industries. Number of online merchants is exponentially growing due to the vast business potential of e-commerce. This has resulted in need of customer friendly payment processing solutions that can address to individual business needs of e-commerce merchants.

Michael Dadoun has gained vast experience in the domain of e-commerce. He has developed in-depth knowledge of the problems faced by online merchants, in terms of payment processing

Michael Dadoun of Montreal : Providing the Prop for seniors

There is good news for those who are eagerly waiting for sustained e-commerce growth in Canada.

Seniors have joined the bandwagon spurring Internet growth.

According to a report by Statistics Canada, the number of seniors using internet grew by a whopping 20 percent with nearly 50 percent of Canadians 65 or older admitting they go online regularly.

Such news certainly presents opportunities to Michael Dadoun of Montreal. Age is not likely to be a factor that will hinder internet usage.

As more seniors get addicted to web, their online transactions increase.

There are a whole lot of products that are mostly purchased by the seniors. These include medical supplies, canes and walking sticks, optical, and pro therapy supplies and more.

Michael Dadoun, UpClick is aware that internet is a wonderful resource for information providing opportunities for active seniors to learn about products they use and need in their day to day life.                                                                                                      ImageFor Michael Dadoun of Montreal the elderly are representing a market segment that has long been neglected. Market researchers have analyzed buying behaviors of blacks, whites, Hispanics, teenagers, and Asians, but largely neglected the seniors.

With more aged Canadians having an improved image with regard to their health and hobbies, the economic rewards of successfully targeting this segment must be realized by e-retailers. Seniors are now exhibiting more leisure time activities. Fortunately, travel and entertainment industries have begun to notice the impact this can have on their business.

Michael Dadoun of Montreal, by unveiling a platform that provides e-commerce solutions to the digital industry, has created for e-commerce merchants a solution that has made online payments simple. This is a good augury for the seniors as well as for future growth of e-commerce.

Michael Dadoun is a Quick Thinking Leader

Leading a modern organization is not easy. A leader has to blend experience, enthusiasm, perspective, hard work, and intelligence to successfully help an organization thrive in the marketplace. Michael Dadoun is a development oriented leader who loves challenges.

Two individuals cannot be same in all aspects. Likewise, it is naïve to think that all leaders will be the same and they will be bringing the same set of characteristics and skill sets to the organization. However, there are certain leadership qualities like vision and integrity that seem to stand out as being more important than the others.

Vision is an important characteristic that separates exceptional leaders from the ordinary ones. Visionary leaders have the ability and foresightedness to peek into the future and think ahead of time. They have a clear excitable idea about where they presently stand and where they want to be in future.

They do not discount the present but always keep an eye on the future. In a fast changing marketing environment, anticipating the customer’s future needs and requirements can prove to be immensely valuable.

Michael Dadoun is a visionary leader who has the necessary communication skills to communicate his vision to his employees. A transformational leader, he always manages to strike a chord with his subordinates.


Good leaders are generally people of impeccable integrity. They inspire trust with their honest dealings. Michael Dadoun, the CEO of UpClick, is a highly trusted leader as he always tells the truth to all people, in every situation.

Michael Dadoun is a quick thinker with instant decision making abilities. This makes him perfectly fit head a modern organization with its own set of challenges and demands.